• Blessed Mother Notebook Inside pages of the Blessed Mother Notebook

    Blessed Mother Notebook

    Product Description Great giveaways at church, school, retreats, or religious education Easy travel size Lined paper Product Details The Blessed Mother notebook is lightweight with an artful image...
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  • SB7  Brass Candle Lighter 12 Inches

    Brass Candle Lighter 12 Inches

    Product Description 12” size Handsome and practical for home and church Stop using matches to light candles Product Details Candles are a welcome addition to the atmosphere of any church. The...
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  • Brass Home Censer w/ Wood Base

    Brass Home Censer w/ Wood Base

    Product Description Brass Home Censer with Wood Base For safely burning church incense at home Removable Vented lid Solid Brass construction Details GC821 Incense Burner with Wood Base from Sudbury...
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  • Children's Rosary Craft Kit Package of the Children's Rosary Craft Kit

    Children's Rosary Craft Kit

    Product Description Includes everything to make a rosary Large beads make it easy for children Teaches children how to pray the rosary Product Details For children who enjoy craft making, here is a...
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  • Classic Jacquard Dalmatic

    Classic Jacquard Dalmatic

    Product Description YC771 Classic Jacquard Dalmatic Comes in Red, White, Green and Purple Features Gold Lace Trim Matching Inner Stoles Details YC771 Jacquard  Dalmatic from R.J. Toomey St...
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  • Clergy Shirtfront

    Clergy Shirtfront

    Product Description Velcro Collar Closure Polyester Adjustable Elastic Bands Available in Sizes 14 through 22-1/2 Product Details 93 Shirtfront from R.J. Toomey St. Patrick's Guild offers a full...
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