St. Benedict

St. Benedict is widely regarded as the primary figure behind the growth of monasticism in Western society. The Rule that he instituted served as the fundamental basis for numerous religious communities that flourished throughout the Middle Ages. St. Patrick's Guild carries a variety of items dedicated to St. Benedict including a St. Benedict statue, St. Benedict medals, St. Benedict crucifixes, a St. Benedict cross and a St. Benedict medal bracelet. Saint Benedict is recognized as the patron saint of various groups, including the homeless, monastics, monks, and those vulnerable to poisoning. His revered status is attributed to his deep devotion to these individuals and his significant impact in their respective realms.


Most of what is known about St. Benedict comes from the writing of Pope Gregory. St. Benedict established the Rule of St. Benedict which, to this day, is the most common Rule used by monasteries and monks. The Rule of St. Benedict centers around two primary objectives: guiding monks in leading a life centered on Christ and providing practical guidelines for the smooth operation and management of a monastery. This influential set of principles not only emphasizes the spiritual aspect of monkhood, encouraging a deep connection with Christ, but also encompasses practical instructions that enable the effective and efficient functioning of monastic communities. If you have specific questions about our St. Benedict gifts, please contact us at: or call 800-652-9767.