St. Benedict is said to be the chief contributor to the rise of monasticism in the West. The Rule he established became the foundation for thousands of religious communities during the Middle Ages. St. Patrick's Guild carries a variety of items dedicated to St. Benedict including a St. Benedict statue, St. Benedict medals, St. Benedict crucifixes, a St. Benedict cross and a St. Benedict medal bracelet. Saint Benedict is the patron saint of the homeless, Monastics, monks, and poisoning.

Most of what is known about St. Benedict comes from the writing of Pope Gregory. St. Benedict established the Rule of St. Benedict which, to this day, is the most common Rule used by monasteries and monks. The Rule of St. Benedict has two main focuses which are encouraging the monks on how to live a Christ-centered life and offering ways to effectively and efficiently run a monastery. Our selection of St. Benedict statues, St. Benedict necklaces,  St. Benedict medals, St. Benedict crucifixes, St. Benedict crosses, and St. Benedict medal bracelets gives you a nice variety of ways to find a special gift for one who bears the name of Benedict, one living a monastic life or the one who may have chosen Benedict for his Confirmation saint.