Freestanding Crosses

There are many occasions where free standing crosses from St. Patrick's Guild make the perfect gift: First Communion, Confirmation, RCIA, graduation or for a small chapel at home or church. We carry a variety of styles made of several types of materials including wood, metal, and resin. Good quality is an important part of our decision in which free standing crosses are offered. We look for good designs, facial features and various price points. There are small free standing crosses to mark the special religious occasions of First Communion and Confirmation. Many free standing crosses have inspirational quotes that express your heart for special occasions like a graduation. Then we have taller free standing crosses that are suitable for use in a personal prayer space, small home chapel or even a small chapel in a church.

When wall space is limited or wall-mounting isn't possible, the free standing crosses from St. Patrick's Guild are a great alternative. St. Patrick's Guild wants to ensure everyone has the chance to be inspired no matter what type of space they live in. Therefore, offering free standing crosses is imperative for spaces such as dorm rooms or other rooms where you are not allowed to put holes in the wall. Or perhaps, you want to have a cross on your work desk? A free standing cross is the perfect fit for those situations.


Be sure to check out our popular Celtic crosses and our "Christ with Dove" free standing crosses that portray Christ on the cross with one free hand that holds a dove. This inspiring image of His gift of peace to a troubled world is a popular choice. Rest assured that we purchase our free standing crosses from quality companies. We want them to last and inspire your faith for as long as possible. So no matter what size your budget allows, a free standing cross is available to meet your need. Any questions? Please call us at 1-800-652-9767 or email us at: