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Cassock & Surplice

Historically derived from the ancient Roman tunic, the cassock robe and accompanying surplice are pieces clerical clothing worn by clergymen and women of the Christian faith. Those who choose to wear such pieces do so to honor the traditions of their religion while performing importance church services and rituals. Saint Patrick’s Guild is proud to be a leading supplier of cassock robes and surplices to priests across the country who each possess unique needs and preferences for their attire. When it comes to purchasing a cassock, we understand that comfort is key. The cassock robe options in our inventory are available in a wide range of sizes, ensuring you find one that fits just right to the contours and dimensions of your body. Further, our cassock robes are beautifully crafted from soft and breathable materials, making all day wear possible. Many of our cassock robes come complete with snaps to allow for complete ease in putting on or taking off the robe. The collection of cassock robes at Saint Patrick’s Guild is comprised of great variety of color and style options. From the simple black cassock, to a crisp while with intricate lace detailing, we have just the right cassock to suit your specific needs. Individuals in search of cassock robes trust Saint Patrick’s Guild not only for the quality of our robes, but also for their affordability. We understand that cassock robes can be costly, and so have built a selection at every price point. Gone are the days of the stiff, uncomfortable cassock robe. Saint Patrick’s Guild carries trusted brands such as R.J. Toomey that value expert tailoring and attention to detail so that you can enjoy years of use of your robe. Browse the inventory of cassock robes available at Saint Patrick’s Guild today to find the perfect fit, color, and style of cassock you’ll love.

  • 305 Summertime Cassock

    Summertime Roman Cassock #305

    Product DescriptionClergy stay comfortable & coolSleek designEasy careDetailsSometimes a light weight Roman cassock is needed to stave off overheating during warmer months and inside warm churches. Being experts in Clergy apparel, St. Patrick's Guild...

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  • 148 Cassock Rabat with #2 Comfort Collar

    Complete your cassock's attire with R.J. Toomey's Cassock Rabat set that enables you to wear a clerical collar underneath your cassock with ease and comfort. The 148 rabat is similar to the 145 cassock rabat but is size specific for each neck measurement...

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  • Abbey Black Cassock Size 17X Button Closure

    If you're looking for a comfortable cassock that is easily affordable, then the 216U black priest cassock from Abbey Vestment is the one for you. Whether it's for a priest, adult server, seminarian or cantor, the 216U black priest cassock will meet your...

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    390 Year Rounder Cassock

    390 Roman Year Rounder

    St. Patrick's Guild is proud to carry the 390 Year Rounder Roman Cassock from R.J. Toomey, a leader in the clergy apparel industry since 1936 and a household brand name for cassocks and clergy apparel. Made of a 100% Woven Polyester, the 390 Year Rounder...

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  • Hurley's Premium Priest Cassock Poly/Wool

    H Premium Priest Cassock Poly/Wool

    St. Patrick's Guild is proud to carry the Premium Priest Cassock from Hurley's, a quality producer of clergy apparel for over fifty years. Made of a 60% wool and 40% poly blend, the Premium cassock is a natural choice for borth clergy and seminarians...

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  • 904 Surplice in Misto Cotone with Square Neck

    Surplice Misto Cotone Lace Inserts

    Product Description   904 Solavari Surplice with Lace Inserts 40% cotton/60% poly; Available in S, M, L and X-L Details 904 Solivari Surplice in Misto Cotone St. Patrick's Guild is proud to offer this 904 white surplice with lace inserts from...

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