St. Francis of Assisi

St. Francis of Assisi is one of the most beloved and venerated religious figures in history and is known for his great love of animals and of nature which he felt was " the mirror of God". St. Patrick's carries items which can be purchased in honor of St. Francis including St. Francis of Assisi statues, a St. Francis of Assisi medal, St. Francis garden statues and a St. Francis pendant. He is the patron saint of animals, the environment and Italy among other patronages.

He was a Catholic friar and preacher and is credited with founding the Franciscan Order. It is recorded that he created the first live nativity scene and at some point in his life received the stigmata or wounds of Christ. Today, on his Feast Day of October 4, many churches hold blessing of animals rituals and you will find statues of St. Francis in many gardens. The St. Francis of Assisi statues, St. Francis of Assisi medal, St. Francis garden statue or St. Francis pendant could be given to one who has the name Francis or to one who has chosen Francis as his Confirmation name.