St. Sebastian

St. Sebastian was a noble pagan and joined the Roman Imperial army rising to an Imperial officer. He became Christian and converted Roman prisoners along with the ranks of the Roman army secretly. After he converted the governor of Rome, he was discovered to be a Christian. That brought a call for his execution by arrows. This is the image he most familiar to us. However, he did not die then because St. Irene of Rome nursed him back to health. Instead of hiding again, he went to the same Governor that ordered his execution to evangelize him. But his death was ordered once again he was martyred in 288 A.D.

Celebrate his feast day on January 20th with a St. Sebastian medal, St. Sebastian statue or St. Sebastian necklace. St. Sebastian was an excellent athlete as well as a gifted healer. He is the patron saint of athletes making a St. Sebastian medal or St. Sebastian statue a meaningful gift for an athlete of any age. The courage of this faithful saint is definitely inspiring making a St. Sebastian gift from St. Patrick’s Guild perfect for Confirmation, First Communion or any special religious occasion. If you chose a St. Sebastian necklace, add our $9.95 medal engraving service to your order to make it very special.