St. John the Baptist

St. John is recognized by both the Christian and Islamic religions and appears in all four Gospels of the Christian Scriptures. He was the son of Zachary and Elizabeth and his mother, Elizabeth, was cousin to Mary, the mother of Jesus. St. John is often referred to the forerunner or precursor of Jesus since he is the one who announced the coming of Jesus. We carry a variety of St. John the Baptist items including a St. John the Baptist statue, St. John the Baptist medal and St. John the Baptist necklace.

St. John's name was given to his father, Zachary, by an angel during John's birth. The Gospels refer to him as the fulfillment of a prophecy from Isaiah where he is called "the voice of one crying in the wilderness". He is often shown standing and offering a blessing with one hand with the other hand holding a cross staff in the other. This represents his time of preaching on the banks of the Jordan River and baptizing many people, including Jesus. Our St. John the Baptist statue, St. John the Baptist medal or the St. John the Baptist necklace will be a lovely gift to give anyone named John or to the person who has chosen John as his Confirmation saint name.