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Holy Water Fonts

A font holding the sacramental of holy water expresses our connection with the Universal Church - our membership in the Body of Christ through Baptism. A holy water font is usually placed by a doorway (but not required) to enable you to bless yourself in your comings and goings.
Ours fonts are available in several styles, featuring the Holy Family, angels, and more in an assortment of sizes, colors and materials for you to choose from.

  • "Holy Spirit" Holy Water Font

    This holy water font featuring the Holy Spirit in white alabaster is sculpted with intricate details over the entire design. Why? The font is made in Italy and we don't need to explain the level of artistry available there. The rays behind the dove are...

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  • 5" Holy Family Holy Water Font

    Glorify the Holy Family in your home with this exquisite holy water font. Beautifully crafted from white alabaster with fine detail, this holy water font complements any room in your home. The Holy Family is pictured with a very serene look that will...

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  • Innocence Garden Figurine Font 10-1/4IN

    L'Innocence is a well-known painting by artist William-Adolphe Bouguereau and here we present a reflection of that image from the famed Joseph Studios in the form of a stunning garden figurine font. The garden font is made of a sturdy and durable resin...

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  • 9" St. Michael Holy Water Font

    From the Veronese collection of Goldscheider of Vienna comes this elegant, bronzed resin holy water font featuring St. Michael. Showing St. Michael about to slay Lucifer makes the holy water font design come alive. The detailing is sophisticated; notice...

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  • SALE

    Our Lady of Guadalupe Holy Water Font

    Hang or stand this color Our Lady of Guadalupe holy water font in your home. The piece is hand-painted and made of resin measuring 7-5/8"H. The water font measures 4"W x 1-1/2"H x 3-1/8"D with an elegant relief motif around the font edge that adds...

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  • Holy Water Font 7-1/2" by Belleek

    It may not be something you find in every home but this beautiful Belleek holy water font is perfect to have in your home to use as the need arises. The holy water font is made in Ireland by the famed Belleek company and features their noted fine white...

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  • 6" Tree of Life Water Font

    Product Description"Tree of Life" water font Encourages blessings as guests enter home Perfect for classrooms and chapelsProduct DetailsAdorn the entrance to your home, office, a chapel or religious class room with this stunning holy water font. The font...

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  • 7-1/2" Our Lady of Grace Font

    St. Patrick's Guild presents this elegantly styled, bronzed resin holy water font featuring Our Lady of Grace, as a great choice for any home. Anyone who finds using a holy water font at the beginning of the day and to close their day will find this...

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  • 7-1/2" Holy Family Font

    The gifts of holy water have been known for centuries and accessing them in your residence is an easy decision with this attractive Holy Family holy water font. A holy water font in the privacy of your own home provides protection against temptation and...

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