Baptism and Christening Gifts

Baptism is a sacrament in which all Christian churches partake in, however when and how the Baptism ritual is carried out is different from Church to Church. A majority of Christian denominations perform a Baptism or Christening when a child is an infant although older children and adults can also receive the sacrament. These sacraments occur year-round therefore we keep our Baptism gifts stocked for the entire year to ensure you have a plethora of meaningful Christian Baptism gifts for boys and girls to choose from. Popular baptism gifts for babies are available for everyone and we carry baptism gifts with special Catholic significance. The most popular Christian Baptism gift is a personalized Baptism cross. The personalized Baptism cross is laser-engraved with the name and date of Christening. A popular Catholic Baptism gift is our Gaelic framed baptismal blessing. This is one of our favorite Christening gifts for boys and girls because you can personalize the gift with a picture from the special occasion. Another favorite of ours is the My Baptism Book. This baptism gift is a gift that keeps on giving because, as the child grows, it teaches about this important first step in the church and is the perfect baptism gift for boys and girls. 

We offer a wide variety of baptismal clothing ranging from socks, shoes, undergarments, gowns, caps, to suits. We also offer baby jewelry to compliment any Baptismal outfit. We also carry several types of baptism and christening gifts that include baby’s first rosary, crib medals, Christening photo frames, Baptismal statues, and guardian angel gifts. There are several options for personalization for these gifts to make them extra special. We offer baptism gifts for godchild and godparents in our Baptismal gifts. Find these christening gifts and other baptism gift ideas at St. Patrick’s Guild. Contact us with any questions you may have or to inquire about a particular item: 1-800-652-9767 or