Seasonal Church Supplies

Saint Patrick’s Guild carries an array of items to help you prepare for the seasonal liturgical times of Advent and Lent. We have Lenten ashes holders, crowns made of thorns, Advent wreaths and candles, and seasonal banners included in our offerings. We offer traditional supplies that come in a  wide variety of color schemes. St. Patrick’s Guild caters to the needs of the church, and all at the highest quality of craftsmanship.Customers choose St. Patrick’s Guild over and over again to fulfill their seasonal church supply needs because we continuously seek out the highest quality items that we can find.

Shop to find the best seasonal church supplies with us today. Saint Patrick’s Guild offers a wide variety of seasonal church supplies so you are sure to find the perfect one. If you have specific questions about our seasonal church supplies, please contact us at: or call 800-652-9767.