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A child’s bedroom can be a frightening place long in the hours of the night. The gentle glow of a softly-hued night light can help calm the fear of a child. You can easily provide comfort by adding religious night lights to any child’s bedroom or hallway. Our selection of religious night lights come in an assortment of themes and sizes, including Angels and Noah’s Ark themed night lights. You can choose from battery-operated and plug-in styles, religious themes and whimsical characters, in colors that suit any home décor. 

Whether you are furnishing a baby’s room or looking for just the right gift for your child, you will find that our religious night lights are sure to please everyone. In addition, you can give extra comfort by adding a religious stuffed animal with a religious night light for the perfect bundle of gifts. Teach your child in their formative years about God’s presence and comfort are always there, especially in the dark.