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Last Supper Pictures

One of the most significant events in Jesus' ministry and the life of the Church, the Last Supper features prominently as a subject for classical and modern art. While Leonardo da Vinci's Last supper painting is probably the most well-known, many other artists have painted similar versions with slight differences in detail and coloring. Saint Patrick's Guild is your number one shop for a diverse and inspirational collection of several variations of the Last Supper, including framed prints and portrayals in tapestry, resin, stone and bronze.

Crafted from the finest materials and often elegantly framed, our Last Supper pictures and plaques will take your breath away as the beauty and religious symbolism radiates from these vivid depictions. Browse our selection of Last Supper pictures for the style and size that fits your Christian home decor or gift giving needs!

  • Last Supper Epoxy Plaque 4 IN Tall

    Product DescriptionLast Supper plaque Finely detailed figures Nicely sized for almost any roomProduct DetailsThe image of the Last Supper is instantly recognized by a huge number of people world- wide. This smaller sized plaque enables it to be displayed...

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  • Last Supper Picture 6.26 IN

    Product DescriptionUnique Last Supper picture Figures have no detailing Perfect to use for prayer and meditationProduct DetailsThis Last Supper picture is designed to leave a lot to the imagination of the viewer. It is made of a resin and stone mix and...

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  • Last Supper Panel Art 21IN High

    Panel art has become very popular over the last few years and in this piece of panel art we are given the image of the Last Supper by the famed Joseph Studios. The art is made of wood and designed to look as if the image was painted on a wood panel and...

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  • Last Supper Plaque 7x14-3.8IN

    From the Renaissance collection of the famed Joseph Studios we offer this Last Supper plaque. The image of Jesus eating his last supper with his disciples is one of the most recognized in the world and has been crafted by many artists in a variety of...

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  • Last Supper Panel 26IN

    Panel art has become quite popular and this Last Supper wall plaque is a stunning display of this type of art. The Last Supper wall plaque comes from the famed Joseph Studio known for its fine artwork and detailing. The plaque, measuring 26 inches wide,...

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  • Last Supper by DaVinci 16x32IN

    The Last Supper, painted in the 15th century by Leonardo DaVinci, is one of his most recognizable paintings and one of the most popular paintings of the Last Supper on an international scale. This print is done on archival quality canvas, comes in a...

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  • Last Supper by DaVinci 14x26IN Framed

    The DaVinci rendition of the Last Supper is one of the best known and admired around the world. This rendition of DaVinci's Last Supper print comes under glass in a high quality, ornate, gold leaf covered wood frame and measures 14 by 26 inches. The...

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  • Last Supper DaVinci 8x10

    The DaVinci rendition of the Last Supper is one of the best known and admired around the world. This framed laminated print gives you the opportunity to display DaVinci''s The Last Supper in your home for a modest price. The print comes in a simple but...

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