St. Patrick's Guild carries a variety of St. Anthony gifts which include a St. Anthony statue, a St Anthony medal, a St. Anthony necklace and a St. Anthony medallion. St. Anthony is the patron saint of searchers of lost things, the poor, travelers and the country of Portugal where he was born. Any of our items can be given to anyone who has a devotion to St. Anthony, to one who is named for Anthony or, especially, to a young man who has chosen Anthony for his Confirmation saint.

St Anthony is the hope of the absent-minded and the forgetful - here's why: Anthony had borrowed a valuable Psalter which he believed he misplaced. Unknown to him, a young novice had stolen it and was escaping with the goods. As Anthony prayed for its recovery, the young man was terrorized by a menacing vision and rushed back quickly to return the book. Today people use the following prescription for finding lost items: 'Dear St Anthony, I pray, bring it back without delay'; or the more informal - 'Tony, Tony, look around; something's lost and must be found.’ Any of the St. Anthony gifts, the St. Anthony Statue, the St. Anthony medal, the St. Anthony necklace or the St. Anthony medallion would be perfect for the Confirmation candidate who has chosen Anthony as his Confirmation saint.