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St Chris Sports Medals

You cannot go wrong here with one of our most overwhelmingly popular First Communion gifts! St. Christopher sports medals are a favorite of our customers and staff alike because of their fine quality, religious inspiration and meaningful relation to everyday life!

Crafted from fine sterling silver and hung on a stainless steel chain, each St. Christopher sports medal is durable enough for even the most active athlete. St. Christopher sports medals are available in a variety of different sports, in two unique styles for males and females. From ballet to karate, football to basketball, and softball to baseball, St. Patrick's Guild is proud to feature a variety of different sports on our St. Christopher medals. Engraved on the back of each medal is a lovely depicted of St. Christopher as he travels on his way, and each medal has an inscription with the message, 'St. Christopher, Protect Me'. St. Christopher sports medals are excellent gifts for young First Communicants who love Jesus and sports!