St. Thomas Aquinas

We carry a variety of St. Thomas of Aquinas gifts including a St. Thomas of Aquinas statue in several different styles, St. Thomas of Aquinas medal in different sizes and styles and a St. Thomas of Aquinas necklace. St. Thomas Aquinas, a 13th century saint, is one of the most well known and respected philosophers and theologians of Christianity. He is the author of a number of important works including the Summa Theologica and the Summa Contra Gentiles. Saint Thomas Aquinas is the patron saint of students, schools, Catholic universities, theologians, pencil makers and clear weather.< br>
St. Thomas of Aquinas was an Italian Dominican friar, a Catholic priest and a Doctor of the Church. His works are the core of required study for one hoping to become ordained. Our Saint Thomas Aquinas statue, St. Thomas of Aquinas medal or St. Thomas of Aquinas necklace will make a great spiritual gift for anyone who is named Thomas, has a special devotion to Saint Thomas Aquinas and would be especially appropriate for a Confirmation candidate taking the Confirmation name of Thomas or for one going into the priesthood.