St. Catherine

St. Catherine of Siena, one of four women to be declared a Doctor of the Church, was born during the "black death" period to an Italian family in 1347. After her first vision of Christ at age 5, she decided to dedicate her life to Christ and did so against much opposition from her family. They finally consented to her becoming a tertiary of the Dominican Order. She went on to become a Scholastic theologian and philosopher and in 1368, experienced her "Mystical Marriage with Jesus". In honor of St. Catherine we carry a St. Catherine of Siena medal and St. Catherine of Siena statue which would be lovely gifts to give to someone named Catherine or to one who has chosen Catherine as her Confirmation saint.

Since 1866, she and St. Francis of Assisi are known as Italy's two patron saints. She did a lot of work with the poor and ill so she is also the patron saint of nurses and people ridiculed for their piety. She is noted for her letters and The Dialogue which is a set of treatises she dictated while experiencing ecstacies. Our St. Catherine of Siena statue or St. Catherine of Siena medal would be lovely gifts to give for the celebration of a Confirmation, Communion or special occasions.