Sanctuary Candles

Saint Patrick’s Guild specializes in providing sanctuary candles to places of worship across the country. Sanctuary candles are a staple item in most all churches, representing the presence of the Blessed Sacrament in the holy space within which it burns. Unlike many other traditional candles, the longevity and performance of church sanctuary candles is dependent on the quality of the wax used, the shape of the candle, and the size of the wick. When purchasing sanctuary candles for your church or place of worship, it is important to invest in those that will withstand use while also maintaining the strength and brilliance characteristic of the Lord. The sanctuary candles from Saint Patrick’s Guild are expertly molded with only select waxes, including top quality paraffin waxes and beeswax. We have built an inventory to suit the needs of all our customers, offering 7 day, 8 day, and 14 day church sanctuary candles. No matter which church sanctuary candles you select, they are all designed to burn for the full duration ensuring you utilize them to their total extent. From plastic sanctuary candles to glass sanctuary candles, we have an option that will suit the unique layout, decor, and needs of your place of worship. We also proudly offer sanctuary candles of varying styles, from those encased in plain glass, to those adorned with crosses and other decorative religious details. When you purchase your church sanctuary candles from Saint Patrick’s Guild, you know you are receiving candles of unmatched quality at an affordable price you love. Whether purchasing candles individually or in cases of 9, 12, or 24, you’re sure to be satisfied with the burn our candles provide. The eternal light in your sanctuary will never be extinguished. Take a look through our collection of sanctuary candles today to find the right option for your special place of worship.