Other Sacramental Gifts

Do you have family or friends celebrating the sacraments of RCIA, ordination, or reconciliation this year? We stock inspirational sacramental gifts that recognize the importance of each sacrament. Sacramental gifts for RCIA, ordination, and reconciliation are available to fit anyone’s specific taste or budget. Celebrating the completion of sacraments in each person’s faith journey is essential. These special moments of growing in faith, honored by sacramental gifts, become treasured mementos that will last for years. 

Sacramental gifts for an ordination are some of our most popular gifts. When a faithful soul is ready to be ordained, their life is fully dedicated to the lord. Friends and family love to shower them with sacramental gifts to celebrate their commitment of service. Shop for useful sacramental gifts for a newly ordained minister, priest or deacon here at St. Patrick’s Guild. We also offer heart-felt gifts for RCIA and Reconciliation sacraments to celebrate the big faith journey step.