Clergy Albs

Albs are an essential component of the wardrobe for many clergy members. At St. Patrick’s Guild, we make it easy for members of the clergy to find high-quality albs for use during mass and special ceremonies. We proudly carry a wide variety of albs in various colors and designs that will suit the style and needs of each wearer. From simple white albs with stunning embroidery to rich, off-white and ivory albs, we have options suited for all clergy members. Further, our collection of unique clergy albs are available in a range of sizes and can be custom-fitted and tailored to each wearer’s specific needs. This ensures complete comfort and ease of wear for daily use. The albs available from St. Patrick’s Guild are from widely recognized European brands including Slabbinck and Houssard, as well as American-made Abbey brand. All of the brands we carry highly value quality and take great care when it comes to the production of their attire.

In addition to clergy stoles, St. Patrick’s Guild also supplies various alb accessories, such as alb covers and hangers. With the right alb cover and hanger, you can keep your alb protected when not in use, better maintaining its crisp, clean appearance over time. We also supply clergymen and women with alb cinctures of varying colors that will coordinate with your needs throughout the liturgical calendar year. St. Patrick’s Guild has an unmatched variety of liturgical vestments made from only the finest materials and crafted with great care and attention to detail. From lace and embroidered albs, traditional white albs, abbey brand albs, beau vest albs and more, we’ve built a collection that encompasses a wide range of vestments. Browse our clergy albs and alb accessories today to find the right option to fit your specific requirements and needs.