Risen Christ Crucifixes

The Risen Christ crucifix is a meaningful reminder of the essence of the Catholic faith cherished by persons of faith. You can spread the good news with the gift of a Risen Christ crucifix - a wonderful way to share the hope of our Christian heritage with the friends and family you love. Saint Patrick’s Guild has an incredible selection of risen christ crucifixes for you to choose from, featuring a number of different materials, designs, and colors. Our most popular risen christ crucifix options are constructed from high quality wood, brass, and resin with gold and silver plating, beautifully constructed with eye-catching details. Further, the inventory of risen christ wall crucifixes available from Saint Patrick’s Guild come in various sizes, ensuring you find the crucifix that is just the right fit for your home and unique decor. If you’re in need of a thoughtful gift to mark a special occasion, consider a risen christ wall crucifix. Risen Christ crucifixes make the perfect present for an upcoming Baptism or Confirmation. The Risen Christ crucifix also makes an appropriate and memorable gift for anniversaries, new homes, or any religious celebration. What is so unique about the Risen Christ crucifixes is the focus on Jesus' glorious resurrection rather than crucifixion. Jesus is dressed in fine robes and has his arms lifted towards heaven. This meaningful symbol of faith is a subtle yet important reminder of the sacrifice made by our Lord, and makes for a great addition to every home, office, or living space. At Saint Patrick’s Guild, you can rest assured knowing you’ve purchased a risen Christ crucifix of the highest quality, and one that can be enjoyed for years to come. Browse our collection of risen Christ crucifixes today to find just the right choice to suit your needs and preferences.