Crucifixes & Crosses

The cross is one of the most prominent and important symbols of love and faith in Jesus Christ. Many families proudly display a crucifix or cross as a symbol of their families' faith and commitment to God. We offer an extensive collection of crucifixes and religious crosses that are perfect for being displayed in the home, office, or any other space of significance in your life. Our collection of crosses includes saint crosses, free-standing crosses, San Damiano crosses, wedding crosses, Celtic wall crosses, children’s crosses, and so much more. All of our crosses are designed and crafted with detail and care and come in materials such as wood, brass, pewter, and resin. We are sure to have a religious cross that suits your needs and style by offering designs that range from simple designs to incredibly ornate designs. 

St. Patrick’s Guild is happy to be a top provider of crucifixes and crosses to individuals and families across the country. Our collection of religious crosses is always expanding, ensuring that you find the perfect match for your needs. We have crosses of all sizes, from small to large, that can be easily mounted to a wall with little effort.  You may also consider a one-of-a-kind Catholic cross as a present to a believer, young or old, in your life. A cross is a gift they will be sure to cherish and love for years to come that celebrates their relationship with God. When you order a religious cross from St. Patrick’s Guild, you get the highest-quality crafted from durable materials that will hold up over time. If you need any assistance at all, please email or call us TOLL-FREE at 1-800-652-9767, and we will be happy to help you with your search.