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A child’s Baptism is a much anticipated milestone that will bring together family, friends, and your church community in celebration of your child. On this sacred day you are sure to capture this special moment in the form of cherished photos that will be looked back on for years to come. Celebrate this blessing with one of our beautifully designed religious baby baptism picture frames to commemorate and celebrate the special day forever. We offer a variety of sizes, materials, and colors, our baby photo frames will suit any baby and home décor. Ranging from playful Noah’s Ark themed frames, to pink and blue frames perfect for your little girl or guy, to formal frames adorned with a cross we have a wide selection of frames unlike anyone else in the market. Saint Patrick’s Guild’s baptism picture frames are crafted from only the top quality materials such as beautiful porcelain, sleek metals, and gorgeous wood, ensuring they maintain their beauty forever. We also offer one of a kind baptism photo frame options including photo music boxes and cross shaped frames to proudly display the faith of the newly baptized child. Browse our collection of baptism picture frames today to find the perfect options that will meet your unique style and needs.