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Family Life

Find a great selection of books at St. Patrick's Guild on issues of family life from raising and disciplining children to dating to pets and many more interesting topics. The books are presented from points of view of a variety of authors so you will find a large pool of information, guidance and help.

  • Domestic Monestary by R. Rolheiser

    Domestic Monestary by R. Rolheiser

    Product DescriptionDomestic Monastery Learn monastic disciplines in own home Develop deeper family spiritual lifeProduct DetailsAuthor Ronald Rolheiser describes a monastery as "a place set apart to learn the blessings of powerlessness and that time is...

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  • Theology of Home

    Product DescriptionTheology of Home: Finding the Eternal in the Everyday Why being "homemaker" is so important Gives hints on how to create sense of divine in homeProduct DetailsWhat do you think of when you hear the word "home"? Do you see it as a...

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  • Live Big Love Bigger Whitaker, Kathryn

    N19037 live bigProduct DescriptionLive Big Love Bigger Looks at intentional living and finding God's purpose in life Live and grow from mistakesProduct DetailsAuthor Kathryn Whitaker is a Mom with 6 kids and has been described as having "a personality...

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  • The Alzheimer's Spouse Doyle, Mary

    As the spouse of one who is experiencing Alzheimer''s disease, Mary Doyle is in a good position to give advice on how to cope as a spouse since she has gone through many of the things with which many other spouses are and will be faced. She offers...

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  • Nine Months with God and Your Baby

    Many things are offered as help, support and aids during the time you are waiting for the conception or birth of a baby from doctor visits to baby showers. Nine Months with God and Your Baby Spiritual Preparation for Birth by Eline Landon offers...

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  • The Grace of Enough Stewart, Haley

    Have you ever felt you were working and working and getting nowhere? Share the story of Haley Stewart and her family and how they moved to a simpler life as told in her book The Grace of Enough Pursuing Less and Living More in a Throwaway Culture...

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  • Bruised and Wounded Rolheiwer, Ronald

    Product DescriptionBruised and Wounded Struggling to Understand Suicide Tackles a topic that is often avoided with hope and compassion Offers way to cope with questions and painProduct DetailsSuicide has long been a topic avoided in conversation and...

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