St. Peregrine

St. Peregrine demonstrates how we are all within the reach of God. Initially, he attacked Christianity, but after his encounter with God he was converted and went on to become a priest. However, as time went by, he was diagnosed with cancer. Due to have his cancerous leg amputated, he prayed the entire night and was found cured by morning. Now, he is the patron saint for cancer victims and provides comfort for those afflicted with this illness. Therefore, St. Peregrine gifts are welcome by those suffering from this intense disease. Displaying a St. Peregrine statue offers comfort not only for the cancer victim, but for family members.

In addition, St. Peregrine gifts, such as a St. Peregrine medal, St. Peregrine statue, or St. Peregrine necklace, bring comfort and inspiration throughout the day or night. St. Peregrine provides hope and light where the fear and darkness of cancer can prevail. To make your St. Peregrine medal gift more special, St. Patrick’s Guild offers medal engraving for $9.95. By engraving a St. Peregrine necklace, you share the message from your heart in a way they will always appreciate. Shop our St. Peregrine gifts for Confirmation, First Communion or any special religious occasion.