Irish Claddagh Rings

There is little more iconic in the world of Irish jewelry than the Irish Claddagh ring. The Claddagh ring originated in a small Galway fishing village, and was designed to symbolize love, loyalty, and friendship. The two hands features in the design of the ring symbolize friendship, while the heart held between the hands represents love. The designed is topped off with a crown, which symbolizes loyalty. Depending on the finger and hand on which the Claddagh ring is worn, different meanings in relationship status can be inferred. No matter the way in which this ring is worn, it is beloved by Irish and non-Irish populations alike. Irish Indeed proudly offers customers an incredible variety of Irish Claddagh rings, perfect for both men and women. Women will love our more delicate and feminine designs, featuring eye-catching cubic zirconia and emerald green crystals in some cases. Men will enjoy our bold and masculine Irish Claddagh rings that showcase their affection and commitment to the love in their lives.

St. Patrick's Guild also carries top quality Irish Claddagh wedding bands for both men and women. Comprised of 14k gold and inscribed with the Claddagh symbol, these wedding bands are the ultimate representation in love and fidelity necessary for a long and happy marriage. Claddagh rings also make great gifts to loved ones in your life, whether it be your closest friend, mother, father, cousin, aunt, or uncle. They’re sure to cherish this expression of love and friendship, wearing this timeless piece time and time again. Irish Claddagh rings available from Irish Indeed are crafted with care, built from quality materials that are designed to last even with continued wear. Whether you wear your Claddagh ring daily, or only on special occasions, you can rest assured knowing it won’t lose its luster. Browse our inventory of Irish Claddagh rings today to find the perfect piece you won’t be able to take your eyes off of.