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Church Nativity Sets

With a wide variety of different outdoor nativity sets, you are sure to find the perfect nativity set for outside or inside a Church. Demetz and Roman are makers of popular church nativity sets, with figures cast in fiberglass and marble-based resin. These larger sized nativity sets are the perfect addition to your Christmas season decorating. We know there may be many questions about purchasing a nativity set for your Church. Shop our selection of Church nativity sets and then please call us with any questions about your next nativity set from St. Patrick's Guild: 800-652-9767.

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    20" 12pc Fiberglass/Resin Natiivity set

    This Christmas season Saint Patricks's Guild is excited to offer a brand new series of high quality nativity sets made of durable color fiberglass/resin suitable for outdoor or indoor use. This new series of nativity sets has been made for several select...

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  • Balthazar Wiseman 39 IN

    Product DescriptionStunning 37" Balthazar wise man figure Beautifully detailed Perfect for larger church Nativity scenesProduct DetailsThis stunning standing African wise man is designed for the Roman Nativity set that is 39" tall though this figure...

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  • Kneeling Wiseman for 39IN Nativity Set

    Product DescriptionStunning wise man for 39" Nativity Beautifully detailed with rich coloring Perfect size for church or chapelProduct DetailThis stunning kneeling wise man is designed for the Roman Nativity set that is 39 inches tall though the figures...

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  • 34984 Donkey for 39" Nativity Set

    This attractive donkey will be a welcome addition to your larger sized nativity set. The donkey is sized to go with a 39 inch set with the donkey itself measuring 19.5 inches high, 27 inches wide and 15 inches deep which gives the donkey a stability upon...

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  • 33512 39" Shepherd w/Lamb Color

    If you are adding to or replacing shepherd figures for your 39 inch nativity set, this figure will be perfect. The shepherd boy is made of sturdy and durable resin and stands 39 inches tall. He is finished in rust and blue colors and stands on a sturdy...

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  • Gloria Angel 39" Colored

    Angels played an important part in the nativity story. Our inspirational 39" Gloria Angel from the St. Joseph Collection will be a special addition to your nativity set as she announces the birth of Christ with her Gloria banner. The Gloria Angel comes...

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    53374 12pc 27" Nativity Set

    Product DescriptionDurable fiberglass means suitable for indoor or outdoor use Ideal for Church or larger home Highly detailed, brightly colored figuresProduct DetailsThis Christmas season Saint Patrick's Guild is excited to offer a brand new series of...

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