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Christian Faith Books

Want to know more about your faith and what it means? We have a number of books dealing with Christian faith. These books help explain both what Christians believe and also how they worship. Books on Christian faith make a great addition to any Christian library and make great gifts.

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  • Confirmed Catholics Companion Glavich, Mary

    What happens spiritually after you have experienced the sacrament of Confirmation? Where do you go from there especially if you are an older person joining the Catholic Church? Sister Mary Kathleen Glavich offers some help and ideas in her book Confirmed...

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  • Holy Rosary Book Illustrated

    Product DescriptionHoly Rosary Illustrated pamphletPicture and meditation for each Mystery Section on how to pray the RosaryProduct DetailsThis pamphlet, Holy Rosary Illustrated, gives the user a hands on method of praying the Rosary. A color picture and...

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  • Ten Anchors Forliti, John

    Ten Anchors is a book Fr. Forliti wrote while on recent sabbatical in which he attempts to present his distillation of the heart of the Roman Catholic faith. Ten Anchors is his reflection on ten dimensions of the Catholic experience that he feels are...

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  • Barstool Theology Gundlach, Trevor

    Product DescriptionBarstool Theology Humorous, Christian look at how to drink and live good life Offers no rules just practical ideasProduct DetailsHow do you enjoy alcoholic beverages but still "live a full life, with intention and purpose"? Author...

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  • Why I Am Catholic Vogt, Brandon

    Brandon Vogt considered himself "spiritual but not religious" until, as a student at Florida State University in 2008, he began a "passionate journey to find the truth" that surprisingly led him to the Catholic Church. His book Why I Am Catholic and You...

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  • From Slave to Priest Caroline Hemesath, O.S.F.

    From Slave to Priest The Inspirational Story of Father Augustine Tolton 1854-1897 is the biography of Fr. Tolton as told by Sister Caroline Hemesath, O.S.F. The book tells the story of one of the first black priests in America. Born a slave, Fr. Tolton...

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