Church Banners

Saint Patrick's Guild is pleased to offer a large selection of church banners for display in your church's worship space. We carry seasonal church banners for Advent, Christmas, Lenten and Easter, as well as sacrament-themed banners and church banners appropriate for use throughout the liturgical year.

In addition to our large church banners, Saint Patrick's Guild also carries smaller Advent banner sets that can be hung from your church's Advent wreath. These Advent wreath banner sets are made by Sudbury Brass Goods, a trusted company with over 75 years of experience producing beautiful and durable church supplies.

Saint Patrick's Guild is also proud to offer many different church banners from Art Studio Slabbinck. Slabbinck creates distinctive and elegant church banners for every season occasion, in a variety of styles and designs. We can also work with Slabbinck to create customized church banners to fit your specific needs. Whatever sort of church banner you are looking for, you are sure to find it here at Saint Patrick's Guild.