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Celtic Crosses & Crucifix

The Celtic cross are a unique cross with its eternity circle behind the cross. St. Patrick's Guild carries a large selection of designs and styles for both the Celtic cross and Celtic crucifix including an Advent Celtic cross design. From large to small, our selection of the Celtic cross and Celtic crucifix designs come in a variety of materials. There styles made of metal, wood, resin, porcelain, and other fine materials. If you need a small free standing Celtic cross, we have one made of pewter that is perfect for sacramental occasion gifts like First Communion or Confirmation.

Celtic cross and Celtic crucifix designs come in metal that have intricate knotwork styling on the cross arms and the signature Celtic cross circle. Anniversary, wedding, and Irish blessing Celtic cross designs are very popular with our customers, too. Celtic cross ornaments, a baby crib Celtic cross, and even a visor clip are everyday reminders of the rich spiritual heritage that the iconic Celtic cross design contains. The Celtic crucifix is easily found in necklaces as is the Celtic cross. We carry a Celtic cross or Celtic crucifix design that will meet your gift giving need.