Church Candles

Church Candles play a very important role in bringing the light of Christ and creating a warm, welcoming space for every church. No church is complete without them. In addition, Church candle(s) are a vital component to a lot of sacred rituals carried out in various forms of worship. Our selection of church candles includes: Advent candles, Sacramental candles, Daily Votive candles, Cemetery Memorial candles, Altar candles, Congregational candles, and Paschal candles, all of which will beautifully illuminate your church. Our stunning Paschal candles are unique, ornately designed for those special occasions throughout the liturgical year. We offer church candles of varying styles and sizes, so you are sure to find exactly what you are looking for. The church candles we offer are made of high-quality materials that ensure a controlled burn for as long as you need them to burn. We carry options that include 100& beeswax, 51% beeswax, and Stearine. 

In addition to church candles, St. Patrick’s Guild expertly supplies a variety of church candles accessories to allow for full functionality and easy use of your candles. From glass candle holders to bobeches and wax catchers, and church candle lighters to candle burner followers, we’ve got everything you need. At St. Patrick’s Guild selecting the right church candles for your church is a breeze. Regardless of the formality of  your church or occasion during which you choose to use the candles, we have options suited perfectly for all needs. Browse our incredible inventory of church candles today to find the candles in the size, color, and material you require. We know you’ll love the way your church candle(s) light up your place of worship for a truly comfortable, warm, and inviting space. 

We have a useful tool for measuring both a candle diameter and a candle socket diameter available to help you feel confident about size when ordering. This tool is from Cathedral Candle, one of the oldest and most trusted church candle(s) makers in the USA, for which we are proud to be a dealer of their exquisite candle products. Click here for the PDF of how to measure both a candle and candle socket. Here is a video link for even more instruction on how to use their measuring tool correctly. If you have further questions, please contact us at 1-800-652-9767 or