Confirmation Bibles

Receiving the sacrament of Confirmation is a big step in the Christian faith and in deepening a person's relationship with the Lord and their involvement in the church.This is a time of excitement as a young person is taking another big step in their relationship with God. This step will be made much more substantial and their faith will grow stranger with the Bible as a trusted guidebook for all of life's ups and downs! Buy a Confirmation Bible from St. Patrick's Guild today and assist a faithful young Christian in the journey of life. A variety of our Confirmation Bibles are tailored for our younger audience that includes special study pages, inserts with helpful insights, and level-appropriate translations. Whether you are shopping for a young man or woman, we offer a personalized Bible for him or her. 

Shop for the perfect confirmation bible with us. Saint Patrick’s Guild offers a wide variety of bibles so you are sure to find the perfect one. If you have specific questions about a confirmation bible, please contact us at: or call 800-652-9767.