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Seasonal Christian Books

St. Patrick's Guild offers seasonal inspiration for Christmas, Advent, Lent and Easter. Each Church season has a specific focus. Shop our Advent books to deepen your preparation for Christmas Day. We offer traditional, well-known Catholic Advent books like Sacred Space and the Magnificat for Advent. In addition, there are other popular books including All Creation Waits that assists the whole family in preparing their spirit for Christmas Day. Well read Advent & Christmas by Thomas Merton is a classic that is always fresh each Advent season.

For those who desire Advent books to read daily during the season, try Daily Meditations for Advent. We have books for children including The Christmas Story. Each of the seasonal Christian books are important for individuals or groups preparing together can deepen their relationship with God. Advent books are particularly useful because the secular shopping intensity easily distracts us from the true call of the season. Shop our generous selection for individuals and families and contact us if you do not find something you are looking for because we can help you obtain it.

Discounts on Quantity Book Purchases:

Buy 5-9 and Save 5%
Buy 10-24 and Save 10%
Buy 25-99 and Save 15%
Buy 100-249 and Save 20%
Buy 250 + and Save 25%