Advent Candles

When you shop Advent candle sets at St. Patrick’s Guild, shop with confidence. We offer high quality candles from the most trusted candle makers in the country. Not all candles are made equally, especially beeswax candles. For example, Cathedral Candle makes a trademarked 51% beeswax candle called, “Artisan Wax™.” When you see the name Artisan Wax™, you know that you are looking at a superior candle made of 51% beeswax. The 51% beeswax content and their Stearine candles meet the liturgical requirements of the Orthodox, Roman Catholic and Protestant Churches. We are a dealer for Cathedral Candle because of their long-standing crafting of high quality candles since 1897. Cathedral Candle only uses the purest beeswax that produces the proper flame size, a long-burning flame and a flame that burns slow and consistently.To create these top-quality beeswax candles that act like hand dipped candles, a sophisticated process was designed that did not use heat, but pressure to bond pulverized beeswax. Only high grade beeswax works well in this process. That’s why you can buy with confidence.

We offer pillar candles or torch style candles in many sizes and colors for you to choose from along with refillable candles that use liquid paraffin allowing you to reuse the Advent candles from year to year. Additionally, custom Advent Candle sets are easily accommodated if you allow 3 to 4 weeks lead time.


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