Our Lady of Guadalupe

Recognized as the patron saint of Mexico, Our Lady of Guadalupe, also referred to as the Virgin of Guadalupe, holds immense significance. At St. Patrick's Guild, we proudly offer a variety of items that beautifully represent Our Lady of Guadalupe. Our collection includes an exquisite Our Lady of Guadalupe statue, a captivating Our Lady of Guadalupe necklace, a meaningful Our Lady of Guadalupe pendant, and a stunning Virgin de Guadalupe gold necklace. Any of these products would make an exceptional gift, particularly for special occasions, especially when the recipient has Mexican heritage.

By gifting one of these remarkable items, you honor the rich cultural and spiritual heritage associated with Our Lady of Guadalupe. Each piece serves as a tangible expression of faith and devotion, conveying the profound connection between the recipient and the revered patron saint of Mexico. Whether it's the grace and beauty of the statue, the elegance of the necklace or pendant, or the radiance of the gold necklace, these products embody the reverence and admiration associated with Our Lady of Guadalupe.

Choosing one of these gifts is a wonderful way to celebrate special occasions and pay homage to the recipient's Mexican heritage while embracing the enduring presence and blessings of Our Lady of Guadalupe. The Our Lady of Guadalupe statue could be given to either gender for any special occasion or the completion of a sacramental program. With Our Lady of Guadalupe representing an important image of Mary, we feel we offer a nice variety of gifts honoring this image. If you have specific questions please contact us today at: or call 800-652-9767.