Our Lady of Guadalupe, also called the Virgin of Guadalupe, is the patron saint of Mexico. St. Patrick's Guild carries several items representing Our Lady of Guadalupe including an Our Lady of Guadalupe statue, an Our Lady of Guadalupe necklace, an Our Lady of Guadalupe pendant and a Virgin de Guadalupe gold necklace. Any of these products would be an appropriate gift to give for special occasions especially if the recipient is of Mexican descent.

Mary appeared to a native peasant in Mexico named Juan Diego in a series of apparitions. The story says that she caused out-of-season roses to bloom which Diego presented to the bishop of the area. When he opened his cloak in which he was carrying the flowers, the roses dropped out and an image of Mary as Our Lady of Guadalupe appeared on his cloak. The cloak has become one of the most popular religious and cultural symbols of Mexico. The Our Lady of Guadalupe necklace, the Our Lady of Guadalupe pendant or the Virgin de Guadalupe gold necklace would be a lovely gift for a young woman to receive for a birthday gift or as she completes the sacrament of Confirmation. The Our Lady of Guadalupe statue could be given to either gender for any special occasion or the completion of a sacramental program. With Our Lady of Guadalupe representing an important image of Mary, we feel we offer a nice variety of gifts honoring this image.