Celebrate St. Bridget, born in the 14th century as the daughter of a Swedish Prince and known today as the patron saint of Sweden and later Europe with her feast day celebrated on July 23. She was married and is remembered for her devoted and pious life especially after the death of her husband. She is the mother of St. Catherine of Sweden with whom she co-founded the Bridgetine Order using land and buildings given her by her husband. St. Patrick&#39’s Guild carries St. Bridget's crosses and St. Bridget's cross jewelry in several styles which would be lovely gifts to give one who has the name Bridget or one who has chosen Bridget for her Confirmation name.

St. Bridget is known for the revelations and visions she received from an early age forward on the wounds and passion of Jesus. The revelations are compiled in the 15 Prayers of St. Bridget. Any of our lovely St. Bridget's crosses or St. Bridget's cross jewelry will enable you to give a gift that honors St. Bridget whether you are giving a gift for a special occasion to one named Bridget or one who has completed a sacramental program such as Confirmation.