St. Bridget

Celebrate St. Bridget, born in the 14th century as the daughter of a Swedish Prince and known today as the patron saint of Sweden and later Europe with her feast day celebrated on July 23. St. Bridget, in her earlier years, entered into the sacred bond of marriage and is widely recognized for leading a life of unwavering dedication and piety, particularly following the passing of her husband. Notably, she holds the title of being the mother of St. Catherine of Sweden, and together they embarked on a significant endeavor—the establishment of the Bridgettine Order. This noble effort involved utilizing the generous contribution of land and buildings bequeathed to her by her late husband.

St. Bridget is known for the revelations and visions she received from an early age forward on the wounds and passion of Jesus. The revelations are compiled in the 15 Prayers of St. Bridget. Our beautiful assortment of St. Bridget's crosses and St. Bridget's cross jewelry offers you the opportunity to give a meaningful gift that pays tribute to St. Bridget. Whether you are commemorating a special occasion, gifting someone who shares her name, or acknowledging an individual who has recently completed a significant sacramental program like Confirmation, any of these lovely items will serve as a fitting tribute. If you have specific questions about our St. Bridget gifts, please contact us at: or call 800-652-9767.