First Communion Party Items

At St. Patrick’s Guild, we've got all the essential items you need for your First Communion party! We specialize in making your child’s First Communion Day as convenient as possible. We offer a wide selection of First Communion party items, including table decor, plates, napkins, paper cups, and much more to create a festive and enjoyable celebration.

You'll find First Communion party items designed specifically for boys or girls, as well as more generic options that don't emphasize a specific gender. In addition to our comprehensive range of First Communion party items, we also carry invitations & thank yous, and centerpieces to add a touch of celebratory style to your event.

St. Patrick’s Guild has everything you need from start to finish to make your First Communion party a memorable success. Should you require any assistance with your First Communion party items order, please feel free to contact us at 1-800-652-9767 or via email at We're here to help ensure your celebration is a special one.