St. Gerard

Although the Church acknowledges about two dozen St. Gerards, the most well known is Gerard Majella. He lived in Italy in the 18th century and was a member of the Redemptroist Order which is dedicated to preaching the word of God to the poor. St. Patrick's Guild carries a St. Gerard statue, a St. Gerard medal, a St. Gerard bracelet, a St. Gerard prayer card and a St. Gerard Majella medal providing a variety of gifts which can be given to mothers or expectant mothers in honor of this saint.

One story about St. Gerard tells of the time he left a handkerchief behind when he visited a poor family. Later when the mother in the family was having a baby and having trouble, she held on to the handkerchief and safely delivered a healthy baby so you can see why he is the patron saint of mothers, expectant mothers, pregnant women and childbirth. Our Saint Gerard prayer card, St. Gerard medal, St. Gerard bracelet, St. Gerard statue or St Gerard Majella medal make great spiritual gifts for anyone who has a special devotion to Saint Gerard and would be especially appropriate for a Confirmation candidate taking the Confirmation name of Gerard.