Church Incense & Charcoal

Religious incense is a beautifully aromatic experience that plays an integral role in a number of church ceremonies and services, and is a tradition that dates back for thousands of years. A sacred ritual, the burning of incense is meant to serve as a visual representation of our prayers rising up to God, making the burning of incense a sacred form of worshiping our Lord. Saint Patrick's Guild offers a large selection of high-quality incense used in church that is highly appropriate for Catholic and other denominations to use in a worship space or your own home. We carry  religious incense with a variety of fragrances, including incense that is specially formulated for sensitive eyes, noses and throats. Church incense supplies need to address this issue as many people want to enjoy religious incense but have sensitivities.

Our church incense supplies include scents such as Frankincense and other resins from India, myrrh, gum damar, and gum benzoin, just to name a few. We’re confident you’ll find the church incense supplies that meet your needs and a religious incense aroma that you truly love. At Saint Patrick's Guild, we provide many wonderful Catholic incense blends from trusted and experienced companies such as Cathedral Candle Company and the Benedictine monks of Prinknash Abbey for you to purchase with confidence. Saint Patrick's Guild sells convenient size packages of Catholic incense used in church or in one's home. This includes 1 lb. packages and 1 oz. packages; 1 oz. packages are perfect for sampling a new blend.

The inventory at Saint Patrick’s Guild is the result of years of finding high level religious incense providers. Our inventory even includes high quality sampler sets of incense used in church by those who wish to switch up the aroma. These religious incense sampler sets work for those wanting to fill their home with a variety of aromas. We also carry Self-Lite Charcoal and Three Kings Charcoal, two trusted and popular brands that are easy to light and guarantee a clean and consistent burn. With our wide selection of trusted, high-quality religious incense, you are certain to find exactly what you are looking for here at Saint Patrick's Guild. Browse our collection today to find the incense that provides the perfect environment for worship in your church, chapel, or home. If you have specific questions about specially formulated religious incense, please contact us at: or call 800-652-9767.