St. Rita

The life of St. Rita was filled with disappointments and sorrows. Therefore, she is the patron saint of impossible causes, abuse victims, loneliness, marriage difficulties, sterility, the sick, bodily ills, parenthood and widows. Even though she longed to become a nun, her family forced her to marry and her husband was quite abusive. She turned to prayer to console herself in union with the sufferings of Christ and eventually won over her husband to a kinder life. She lived in the age of family feuds in Italy and her husband was murdered. Her 2 sons wanted revenge, but she prayed their hearts to turn to forgiveness or die before acting on their plan to avenge their father. God answered her prayer even though it was a deep sorrow for St. Rita to watch her sons fall ill and die. Many people relate to such a painful path in life and seek out St. Rita with a St. Rita medal, Saint Rita necklace or St. Rita prayer cards.

Sometimes life presents us with situations that seem impossible to change for the better. But with God, all things are possible and turning to prayer, as St. Rita chose to do, is a powerful choice. Allow a St Rita medal, Saint Rita necklace or St. Rita prayer cards to inspire you to be in union with Jesus. These gifts are perfect for a young person making their First Communion or Confirmation as well. St. Patrick’s Guild is determined to meet all of our customer’s needs. Call us today at 1-800-652-9767.