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Are you searching for guardian angel books? We have a plethora of Christian books on the topic of angels for all ages. A majority of our guardian angel books feature pictures of Angels perfect in a children’s book or one for adults. Gifting guardian angel books offer comfort to anyone who is sick or suffering in mind, body or spirit. Or, if you have an angel enthusiast in our life, gifting guardian angel books is a fun idea.

St. Patrick’s Guild’s guardian angel books offer a way to discuss God’s helpers within the Christian and Catholic faith. Not everything in God’s world is visible so sharing guardian angel books with our friends and family members helps them open up to the “invisible aspects” of God. In many of the guardian angel books they teach how to sense angels . Once learned, that skill is a gift that keeps giving beyond reading the book. Shop our selection of guardian angel books to find the right one for the person on your list.

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