Angel Books

Looking for the perfect guardian angel book? Look no further than St. Patrick’s Guild. At St. Patrick’s Guild, we carry a wide variety of Christian books about Angels. Whether you are looking for a children’s book or a book for an adult, St. Patrick’s Guild has the right book for you. 

Give the gift of a guardian angel book to a loved one today. Guardian angel books are great gifts for people who need comfort, those who are sick and suffering, and for people who enjoy everything about angels. Receiving a new book from a loved one is something they will cherish for the rest of their lives. 

Not only do guardian angel books make for a great gift, but they also help introduce people to the “invisible aspects” of God. Everything in God’s world is not visible. Guardian angel books offer a way for people within the Christian and Catholic faith to learn more about God’s helpers and learn how to sense them when they are near. Learning how to sense angels is a skill that will stay with you forever. 

Shop our selection of guardian angel books today and put a smile on a loved one's face. 

Discounts on Quantity Book Purchases:

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Buy 10-24 and Save 10%

Buy 25-99 and Save 15%

Buy 100-249 and Save 20%

Buy 250 + and Save 25%

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