St. Joseph

If you are looking for a way to honor St. Joseph, the husband of Mary and father of Jesus, you may wish to consider the St. Joseph statue, St. Joseph medal, the St. Joseph figurine or the St. Joseph holy card offered by St. Patrick' Guild. Also popular is our St. Joseph home selling kit. Joseph is mentioned first in the Gospel of Matthew and then in Luke while the last we hear of him is when Jesus is 12 years of age and Joseph and Mary find him teaching in the Temple.

St. Joseph is called a patron and protector of the Catholic Church and is the patron saint of fathers, wood workers, pilgrims, immigrants and others. The St. Joseph statue, St. Joseph medal, St. Joseph figurine or St. Joseph holy card are meaningful and spiritual gifts that can be given to anyone named Joseph, to one who has a devotion to Joseph or to one who chooses Joseph as his Confirmation saint name. Many people have testified to success when using the St. Joseph home selling kit to help sell their homes.