Chasuble & Vestments

St. Patrick’s Guild offers chasubles in colors that span the Church’s liturgical season. Whether white, purple, green or any other color, SPG is home to a large variety of materials, designs, and variations for all seasons. From eclectic designs that are eye-catching to traditional and simple designs, you are sure to find the perfect chasuble for your church or parish here at St. Patrick’s Guild. 


In addition, we are a dealer for companies creating outstanding craftsmanship clergy apparel. For example, click here to view Slabbinck's full catalog of fine clergy vestments. Slabbinck is a family-owned business operating in Belgium that specializes in creating the most beautiful and high-quality vestments. Their superb craftsmanship, since 1903, has granted Slabbnick the well-deserved title: “Modern Day Ambassador for Centuries old Craftsmanship of Gold Embroiderers.” St. Patrick’s Guild is honored to offer you these fine products from Slabbnick. Watch in appreciation of fine ecclesiastical craftsmanship at work making a chasuble at Slabbinck here.

Any item you would like to purchase from Slabbnick will automatically send you to the St. Patrick’s Guild site to facilitate the purchase. Or, you can call us to order or if you need answers to any questions you may have at 1-800-652-9767.