St. Patrick's Guild carries a variety of products honoring St. Andrew, a simple fisherman, who was among the first to be chosen to be an apostle of Jesus. Our products include a St. Andrew medal, a St. Andrew statue and a St. Andrew pendant. Commonly known as the patron saint of rope-makers, fishermen and single women, our Saint Andrew items give you a wonderful variety of gifts to give to anyone who carries his name or, especially, to a Confirmation candidate who has chosen Andrew as his Confirmation saint.

During Jesus' ministry, St. Andrew figured prominently in miracle of the feeding of the five thousand as he was the apostle who found the boy with the basket of bread and fish. After Jesus' ascension, Andrew traveled to Greece and Russia, thereby becoming the patron saint of those countries. Our St. Andrew medal, St. Andrew statue and St. Andrew pendant make great spiritual gifts for anyone who has a special devotion to St. Andrew, anyone for whom he is a patron saint or to a young man completing the Confirmation sacramental program.