St. Andrew

At St. Patrick's Guild, we offer a diverse range of products that pay homage to St. Andrew, a humble fisherman who was among the early chosen apostles of Jesus. Our collection includes a St. Andrew medal, a St. Andrew statue, and a St. Andrew pendant. Recognized as the patron saint of rope-makers, fishermen, and single women, our St. Andrew items provide a delightful assortment of gifts suitable for individuals who bear his name or, more notably, for Confirmation candidates who have selected Andrew as their patron saint.

St. Andrew played a significant role during Jesus' ministry, notably in the miracle of the feeding of the five thousand, where he discovered the boy with the basket of bread and fish. Following Jesus' ascension, Andrew's travels extended to Greece and Russia, earning him the distinction of being the patron saint of these nations. Our collection of spiritual gifts, including the St. Andrew medal, St. Andrew statue, and St. Andrew pendant, serve as meaningful tokens for those who hold a deep devotion to St. Andrew, for individuals who consider him their patron saint, or for young men concluding their Confirmation sacramental journey. If you have specific questions please contact us today at: or call 800-652-9767.