St. Stephen

There are many saints named St. Stephen, but one of the most famous is the 1st century deacon that became the first martyr. His feast day is celebrated on December 26th to honor his faithful response of forgiveness of his accusers as he was stoned to death. He is the patron saint of horses, bricklayers, builders, casket makers, stoneworkers, and Austria. If you are shopping for a Confirmation, First Communion or special religious occasion, St. Patrick’s Guild offers gifts such as a St. Stephen medal or St. Stephen statue. There are informative Holy cards honoring this brave saint whose life inspires many around the world.

St. Stephen was one of the 7 deacons and the oldest of the group leading them in the ways of Jesus. He was a Jewish man that spoke Greek and upset many people with his conversion to Christianity. Therefore, gifting a St. Stephen medal or St. Stephen statue to anyone wanting to speak their truth and faith to align with the teachings of Jesus is special. Forgiveness is the cornerstone of the Christian faith and St. Stephen stood firmly in this teaching as his own community took his life. Inspire those you love to stand tall in the face of adversity with a gift from St. Patrick’s Guild.