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The First Communion of a young girl or boy is an unforgettable moment in their spiritual journey, during which they receive the Eucharist for the first time. This is a time of celebration amongst friends and family, often culminating in a party to mark this special occasion. One of the most popular ways in which families choose to permanently commemorate the communion of a treasured loved one is with a photo. There is a place in every Christian home for a picture of your adorable First Communicant. Saint Patrick’s Guild is proud to provide customers with a wide variety of first communion picture frames to choose from. With our varied selection of First Communion picture frames you can select the ideal style, size, and layout for your favorite photo. From the sleek and subtle first communion picture frames to integrate seamlessly with your decor, to stand out options complete with bright colors and intricate designs, we cater to all customers. We carry first communion photo frames constructed from materials including silver, ceramic, pewter, fabric, and brass, all of which are top quality to ensure they do not lose luster and shine over time. Further, the varying sizes of our 1st communion picture frames ensure you find the perfect fit your your living room mantle, bookshelf, or desk. At St. Patrick's Guild our Communion photo frames include both hanging and standing styles depending on your needs. Whether you’re purchasing a first communion picture frame for personal use or for a loved one, you know you’re getting hard to find designs when purchasing through Saint Patrick’s Guild. With customizable first communion photo frames featuring the communicatee’s name and communion date, as well as photo frames featuring bible verses and quotes of love, you are sure to be pleased with what we have to offer. Browse our collection today to find the perfect 1st communion picture frames for this joyous occasion.