Patron Saint Gifts

Shop St. Patrick’s Guild for a huge selection of patron saint gifts for any special occasion. Our patron saint gifts range from patron saint medals, saint statues, holy cards, wall crosses to personalized gifts for sports athletes. Choosing a patron saint name is an important decision for Confirmation. With well over 100 patron saints, many of the saints easily inspire young people as they grow into maturity. Patron saint gifts share the inspiring life or, perhaps, inspiring death to develop qualities of what values the courageous Christian stood for. In addition, patron saints are chosen for a particular passion of a person.

For example, St. Benedict and St. Christopher are two popular patron saints. St. Patrick’s Guild offers many St. Benedict and St. Christopher gifts that honor each saint's inspiring life. St. Christopher patron saint medals and statues are geared toward supporting and protecting athletes. With our personalizing service, you can personalize these patron saint medals. Other popular saints are Saint Dymphna and St. Joseph. St. Dymphna is the patron saint of those with mental illness and St. Joseph is the patron saint of real estate. Persons in the real estate business or home owners trying to sell their home purchase a St. Joseph Home Sale kit here at St. Patrick’s Guild. Other patron saint gifts include pocket tokens, plaques, and books (both prayer and biography). We are confident there are patron saint gifts for all here at St. Patrick’s Guild.