Travel Liturgy & Mass Kit

There are often times when priests are called upon to perform mass outside of their usual place of worship. When on vacation, traveling, making house calls, or visiting hospitals, they may be asked to conduct a service for those in need. For this reason, many priests choose to invest in a quality travel liturgy mass kit to ensure they have all the items they need when on the go. Saint Patrick's Guild carries a variety of travel Mass kits and liturgical kits that are perfect for travel, hospital visits and home visits. We have many different types and sizes of carrying cases and combinations of liturgical items. Our smaller 3-piece mass kit options, typically used for sick calls, feature a compact sized crucifix, pyx, as well as a purificator. The larger travel mass kit options available in our inventory contain such items as oil stock, a holy water sprinkler, bottles for wine and water, a chalice, paten, ciborium, candles and holders, stole, mass linens, and a cross.

Not only are the pieces within each mass kit made of top quality, beautiful materials that showcase the important service they allow a priest to perform, but the carrying cases, within which they are held, are expertly crafted as well. From hard wood cases to ultra thin cases, leather cases to compact cases, our mass kits are kept protected in durable, practical cases that allow for comfortable travel no matter where you go. When you purchase your travel mass kit from Saint Patrick’s Guild, you can rest assured knowing you are purchasing items of the highest quality that are trusted by priests throughout the country. Selecting a mass kit that meets the unique needs of each priest is incredibly important. Whatever type of Mass kit or liturgical kit you are looking for, you can find it here at Saint Patrick's Guild. Have questions about which Mass kit to choose? Call 1-800-652-9767 or email us at:  We look forward to assisting you with your Mass kit purchase.