Spirituality Books

Are you looking for Christian or Catholic spirituality books? We have a large selection of insightful Christian spirituality books. The spiritual journey over a lifetime requires different support at each new juncture. Everyday life may get challenging when your spirit is seeking to grow out of its comfort zone. St. Patrick’s Guild has several Catholic spirituality books to help bring to light your next steps and hearing God’s call. Sometimes writing in our spirituality books or journals helps us clear mental clutter so that the still small voice of God is heard. 

Catholic spirituality books address the dark night of the soul and other spiritual transitions by gleaning the experience of Saints that have come before us. Christian spirituality books make a perfect gift for those who are in search of a more in-depth spiritual life. Browse our selection of spiritual books that help everyone grow into their best self aligned with God’s call. If you want to inquire about a special book, please email us at [email protected] or call 1.800.652.9767.

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