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Wood Rosaries

When you're looking for a rosary with a natural look and feel, check out this attractive assortment of polished wood bead rosaries. A variety of centers and crucifixes in silver, pewter and gold-plate complement tan, black, brown, mahogany, and multi-colored wood beads in several bead shapes and sizes to suit any taste. You'll also find conveniently sized one-decade and fragrant rose-scented wood rosaries to choose from. Take a look at our inexpensive and men's rosary sections for more choices!

  • Olive Wood Finger Rosary made in Bethlehem

    While you pray the rosary with this authentic olive wood finger rosary, see if you can image what it was like for Christ to pray amongst the olive trees. Each olive wood finger rosary is made in Bethlehem by Christian craftsmen from carefully pruned...

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  • Rose Scented Wood Rosary

    When you pray with this handmade rose scented wood rosary, you stimulate not only your spiritual life, but also your sense of smell. These wood beads are colored rosewood red to match the rose scent and the chain is made of a sturdy silver metal with a...

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  • Lenten Journey Wood Rosary

    Product DescriptionLenten journey rosary Decade beads are images from Stations of the Cross Perfect to use anytime but especially during LentProduct DetailsThis stunning rosary is unique and very special and you will appreciate those features especially...

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  • Blue Wood Rosary

    This is a stunning rosary to use to pray one of the most popular and beloved prayers of the Catholic Church. The rosary has lovely, unique, dark blue wood beads and a deluxe, ornate, pewter crucifix and center. The center is a medal with a dove, a...

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  • Wood Rosary One Decade

    Product DescriptionOne decade wood rosary Wood beads on braided brown cord Convenient to have and carry with youProduct DetailsThis one decade rosary gives you the convenience of having a rosary that needs little room to carry with you. The rosary is...

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  • Police Rosary Blue Wood Beads

    This unique rosary is a special rosary to give to the person that you know who is a police officer. The rosary is made up of 8mm dark blue wood beads. The center or joiner is a pewter St. Michael police badge which has the image of St. Michael, the...

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  • 7-Decade Franciscan Crown Rosary

    Many of our customers enjoy this seven decade Franciscan Crown rosary. Why? Praying with this rosary ties one in to the original creation of it back in 1422. The story tells of when Mary appears telling a Franciscan novice a more meritorious practice for...

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  • 5 Decade Franciscan Rosary & Prayer Card

    This Franciscan rosary contains five decades of oval wood beads and comes with a full-color St. Francis prayer card. The handsome silver metal Franciscan centerpiece and a silver metal San Damiano icon cross add meaning to this rosary. St. Francis was...

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