St. George

St. Patrick&#39’s Guild carries several items in honor of St. George including a St. George statue, a St. George medal, a St. George pendant and a St. George necklace. St. George, one of the Fourteen Holy Helpers, is the patron saint of farmers, boy scouts, England, Portugal, and soldiers. St. George is a widely popular saint around which much legend has been built. He is probably most known for killing dragons and is often depicted in artwork as a valiant knight slaying a dragon. This popular depiction arose in the Middle Ages and is an image that exists to this day.

St. George is another of the most venerated saints and was especially popular with the Crusaders. He, along with St. Florian, is also one of the most prominent military saints. Our Saint George statue, St. George medal, St. George pendant or St. George necklace will make a great spiritual gift for anyone who has a special devotion to Saint George, who is named George, who is in the military and would also be especially appropriate for a Confirmation candidate taking the Confirmation name of George.